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Introducing the Duo
Sam Osborne and Gary Key
“Osborne & Key”

Sam and Gary, also known as “OK”, are both full time musicians who come together as a duo 2-3 times a year to perform for audiences everywhere. Gary moved to Winter Park Colorado from the US Virgin Islands over 28 years ago and Sam hails from Tampa Florida. These guys played together in a trio called Hendrix, Osborne & Key in Tampa for 7 years back in the late 80’s and 90’s.

When Sam and Gary come together, it’s an unbelievable combination of vocals, harmonies, playing and entertaining. These guys have a song repertoire of over 1000 songs together and prefer to do all requests than to go by a song list! They are known not only for their incredible live music but also for their ability to entertain their audiences. Both sing lead vocals, harmony, play acoustic 6 string, 12 string, bass and harmonica.

Sam Osborne has that Joe Cocker voice and Gary evokes the sounds of James Taylor, Neil Young and Willie Nelson. Both their vocals are versatile and their harmonizing is smooth. They call the genre they perform as Americana – a little bit of everything – blues, jazz, R & B, classic rock, country, folk and more.

Between them both and together they have performed all over the US in almost every state, Alaska, Hawaii, the British Virgin Islands, the US Virgin Islands, many European countries and Mexico.  

Osborne & Key will have people singing, reminiscing and dancing in their seats!