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    Gary will be traveling from  Florida back to Colorado as soon as it is safe and stay home bans have lifted!

  I am booking gigs now for the Spring/Summer/Fall 2020 season. If you have dates you would like to check availability for, please email or call me.



Cheryl Key

 Gary Key is not only a solo artist but an entertainer as well. For over 40 years Gary has been performing for live audiences all around the world. He knows over 800 covers and loves playing songs that memories were made from!

He covers many genres from the classic years. Neil Young, Jimmy Buffett, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, CSN and many, many more. He knows how to get a feel for what the crowd wants and loves to make his audience happy.

Cheryl Key - Manager

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Bands Gary Has Performed with.................

- Hendrix, Osborne & Key

  - Osborne & Key 

   - Gary Key & Matty Brown